Welcome to the Wianno Yacht Club home page. The Wianno Yacht Club is located in Osterville, Massachusetts. The Junior Sailing Program, which is open to non-members, is dedicated to teaching kids how to sail in a fun and encouraging environment.


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I would like to welcome all new and returning sailors to the 2017 Junior Sailing Program (JSP).Registration for the JSP begins on March 6th whenregistration forms for 2017 are mailed to all YachtClub members and non-members whose child(ren)participated in the JSP in 2016. From March 6th through April 14th registration forms received from members will be processed ahead of non-members whose children participated in the JSP in 2016.  Members may register their children or grandchildren.   Non-members may registertheir child(ren) who participated in JSP during 2016.  

Non-members whose children were not enrolled inthe JSP during 2016 may submit registration forms as early as April 3rd 2017. However, these registrations will be processed beginning on April 15th in the order in which they are received.  Starting April 15th registration forms may be submitted by members and non-members, on a first come, first served basis. Registration forms will be available at www.wiannoyc.com on April 3rd 2017. We expect many classes will be filled by the time JSP begins; I encourage you to act now.  I look forward to seeing you and your children at the Wianno Yacht Club soon.

---Geoffrey Lenk, Commodore

2017 Wianno Yacht Club Junior Sailing Program Registration Packet

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